About The Social XChange

The Social XChange was founded in 2012 as a hot new startup creating exceptional digital content for SMB through Social Media, email, GEO, forums, and consumer websites.

Acting as the “voice of small business”  the team specializes in defending company brands and driving new areas of growth by identifying disgruntled customers and brand advocates and turning them into “social advocates”.

Led by Bob Salerno, a 20+ year veteran of creating “world class” customer experiences, our mission is to partner with companies struggling with Social Media strategy to adapt and grow their business to create a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

The team is also busy each day creating fresh content with a different “spin” than you normally read or see.  The Social XChange team is always looking to be contrary and downright different.  We invite you to check our blog daily for fresh content related to customer service, Social Media for small and medium business as well as content marketing ideas and tips.  We welcome your comments and suggestion on current topics and future topics to explore.

For more information on services and how your business can benefit from our experience and expertise, visit our website at http://www.thesocialxchange.net

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