Confessions of a Customer Service Agent

Customer Service week is an annual celebration held in the first week of October (In 2013, CSW ran from October 7-11).  Unique events including front line feedback forums and excellence recognition are sprinkled throughout each day of the week.  The customer service area is decorated, prizes are won and food is normally served to the entire group.

During the 2013 event, The Social XChange team set out to interview customer service agents in a variety of industries to uncover and spotlight the most pressing issues facing the CSR and how it affects they way they do their job.  Included in our research were questions about how agents deal with the “voice of the customer”, Net Promoter Scores and closed end feedback.  In addition, we were curious to know if agents feel they receive the proper support and tools from upper management and whether they believe their position better fits “customer recovery” instead of “customer service”.

Over the course of Customer Service Week, The Social XChange talked with more than two dozen customer service agents representing retail, banking, casual sit down food service, utilities, technical support and telecommunications.  The results (in four parts) will be published on this blog over the course of the next few days.  Surprising results and comments to follow!


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