The Customer is NOT Always Right

Finally, a refreshing take on online customer reviews.  Read it here. Ultimately, some customers will complain and as a business owner you may have to pick and choose the best solutions instead of getting bogged down with this 1 or 2% of your client base.  Trying to hard to please a customer may constantly raise the raise expectations for you and your employees.  A chronic complainer is toxic to your business – sometimes you have to ask if the cost of fixing the problem exceeds the long term revenue the customer will bring in.



Creating an Effective Newsletter Campaign

In this hyper competitive world, reaching current or potential customers on a regular basis is CRITICAL for long-term success of your business.  An effective newsletter with relevant content for your intended audience can boost customer satisfaction and repeat business.  As the author of this article Nelson Tan states, stick with the 3 P’s – Planning, Personality, and Printability for ultimate newsletter success.  An excellent roadmap for taking your business communication to the next level.  Read his post from 2013 here


Blogging for Business – Time Saving Tips

Blogging is such a great tool – but who has the time?  Our staff spends so much time with clients and the Twitter and Facebook firehose – that blogging sometimes can get put aside.  We found some tips that may help your company and wanted to share this post from #SMT.  Read the story here

How to Blog When You Just Don’t Have the Time


Are your agents happy?

Signs You May Have a Dysfunctional Call Center

Scary, but true.  Even in the best of places your agents probably view their job as not only tough but uninspiring at the very least.  Have you taking the temperature of your room lately?  You may find that changes need to be made.



Social Strategy Tips

Social Strategies for SMB

Some good tips on getting your business social strategy started or updated.  Click on the link for this timely article from Fox Business Network.



What is your Social Strategy?

Social Strategy Types

The article is a bit dated as Social has moved along in its life-cycle, but still has some good information.  Look at the quiz below to see the type of strategy your company employs. Click on the link above for the article from the Harvard Business Review.


Happy Holidays!

The team at the Social XChange wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Happy holidays – and see you in 2014!